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The new platform is born from over twenty years experience of the Raro Villas team in the luxury vacation rental market and in short term rentals, and from that of the Nicolaus/Valtur Group in a relationship working side by side with the world of Travel Agencies and the trade in general. Hello Villas by Nicolaus, is dedicated to the reservations of villas, farmhouses, apartments and farms for tourist accommodation, for travel agencies and affiliates. A renewed B2B channel reserved for all players who operate professionally in this sector and who support all types of customers in all phases of the operation.

The innovation lies in the possibility of booking a large range of properties (as you would a hotel) on a platform with precise rules designed for the "trade". Only properties published are verified by the selected professional operators who in turn guarantee the product uploaded by them.

Hello Villas is a large marketplace within which a dense network of professional vacation rental operators offer their facilities and within which, both national and international travel agencies have the opportunity to book and propose villas, farmhouses, properties for rent. throughout Italy, also being able to have various experiential solutions and bookable services to ensure a completely personalised and tailor-made stay.

The benefits of the cooperation through Hello Villas are many, including the percentage of earnings on bookings and the guarantee of a further income based on the additional services and ancillaries added to the cart.

Hello Villas is


Part of the Nicolaus/Valtur Group always alongside the world of trade.


Through the platform, online reservations are possible 24/7, with constantly updated availability and prices.


Staff are always ready to assist Travel Agencies in their search and booking reservations.


On the platform it is possible to personalise the holiday not only by choosing the property, but by purchasing different services made available on the platform to give customers a truly personalised holiday.


A Allianz Insurances cancellation/medical/baggage policy is added to each booking and Raro Care Service guarantees you for any damage you cause to the property during the rental or short-term stay for tourist purposes..

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